This “Liquid Tree” in Belgrade is Fighting Air Pollution

La Niña Roars Back; More Drought Is Ahead

The second time is a charm for La Niña. It’s coming back in force for the spring and possibly the summer, bringing with it continued drought and targeting the southwestern corner of the nation, especially.

The La Niña event that started in late 2020 fits into a larger climate pattern that has been going on for nearly two decades

“This La Niña probably means bad news for the American Southwest, which should see lower than normal rainfall this winter,” says Josh Willis, a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “This La Niña may not be a whopper, but it’s still an unwelcome sign for an area already deep into a drought.”

In North America, cooler and stormier conditions during La Niña often set in across the Pacific Northwest, while weather typically becomes warmer and drier in the U.S. South and in northern Mexico…READ ON

This “Liquid Tree” in Belgrade is Fighting Air Pollution

Belgrade has found a remarkable solution to try to clean up their dirty and polluted air, with an innovation they call a ‘liquid tree’.

The photo-bioreactors use microalgae to remove carbon dioxide from the air | Photo source Liquid3

This photo-bioreactor is a solution to minimize greenhouse gases as well as improve air quality from pollution. The liquid tree is made up of six hundred liters of water and microalgae, binding carbon dioxide and producing pure oxygen through photosynthesis.

Dr. Ivan Spasojevic, one of the authors of the project from the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Belgrade, said, “The microalgae replaces two, 10-year-old trees or 200 square meters of lawn. The system is the same because both trees and grass perform photosynthesis and bind carbon dioxide. The advantage of microalgae is that they are 10 to 50 times more efficient than trees. Our goal is not to replace forests but to use this system to fill those urban pockets where there is no space for planting trees.”

With Belgrade being the fourth most polluted city in Serbia, due to two large coal plants nearby, their need for clean air is vital. In fact, it may even be life-saving, as in scientists claimed that Serbia had the most pollution-caused deaths per capita in 2019. According to some activists, pollution is so bad there that it can be visibly seen.

This liquid tree is designed to clean up the polluted air and replace it with fresh air, much like a living tree would. But instead of building more trees in the city, like they do in more rural areas to lower carbon dioxide emissions, this is done with an artificial one. Only this can do it much faster and easier…READ ON

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