We Need Time to Rehabilitate from the Trauma of the Pandemic

Ahead of floods, campaign for sanitary vending machines in Assam

The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) has started a campaign seeking donations for sanitary pad vending and disposal machines.

The authority said 23% of adolescent girls suffer during menstruation and the percentage increases during natural disasters such as floods.

Floods are an annual phenomenon in Assam, often striking in waves between May and October. They kill dozens of people and scores of animals — domestic and wild — almost every year.

While many are displaced by erosion of river banks in the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys, landslips are a bane in the hill areas during the monsoon months…READ ON

We Need Time to Rehabilitate from the Trauma of the Pandemic

I was a few minutes into a run when it happened. Moving fast along the grassy edge of a backwoods road, my left foot found the edge of a pothole, and my ankle rolled.

Busa Photography/Getty Images

The intense pain put me into shock, a sequence of metabolic phenomena that starts with a burst of adrenaline. A remnant of our evolutionary past, when a burst of energy may have helped us outrun a predator, adrenaline has multiple other effects. It stops us from feeling pain, so we can get out of danger in the moment. It also spurs intense alertness to help us make better split-second decisions.

Of course, these kinds of shocks can be caused by psychological trauma, as well as physical injury. Think back to the early days of the pandemic, when the world as we knew it changed in what felt like an instant…READ ON

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