3 keys to a resilient post-pandemic recovery

Deadly flooding, landslides hit Brazil’s Sao Paulo state amid torrential rains

“Since last Friday, the turmoil caused by the bad weather caused 18 deaths, including seven children and left around 500 people without homes or displaced,” said the Sao Paulo state government, citing the Civil Defense body.

After flying over affected areas, governor Joao Doria announced he was releasing 15 million reales ($2.7 million) to help the 10 most affected cities and 645 municipalities in Brazil’s most populous state—home to 46 million people.

Doria expressed “solidarity” with the families of the 18 victims. Of the victims, 11 died on Sunday after landslides buried several homes in cities in the interior of the state, local press said…READ ON

3 keys to a resilient post-pandemic recovery

The global economy has demonstrated significant resilience through the pandemic, bouncing back faster than expected. Economic momentum remains strong, but nations and organizations are encountering cross-currents in supply-chains, workforce availability, and inflation.

Public- and private-sector leaders need to take a broad view of the resilience agenda.

The pandemic response comes in the context of a worsening climate crisis and rising economic inequality. These compound challenges remind us that crises can become watersheds of policy and strategy…READ ON

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