This Is What We’re All Feeling Right Now, According to Mental Health Professionals

The Best and Worst Places to Be as We Learn to Live With Covid

Omicron has ushered in a new era for pandemic management.

While the variant triggered the biggest global infection wave in Covid-19’s history, many countries are emerging out the other side more determined to live with the virus and reopen their economies.

Outbreaks are peaking and ebbing more quickly, with omicron’s mildness and the proliferation of vaccinations keeping deaths low. That’s allowed places from the U.K. to Thailand, Ireland to Finland to remove restrictions within weeks, lifting their scores in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking of the best and worst places to be in the pandemic…READ ON

Western Monarchs Are Rebounding Big Time

Each fall, the Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation counts western monarch butterflies as they migrate throughout California. And for many years now, each fall the count declines further and further.

However, despite this year’s wonderful news, monarchs have lost 95% of their population since 1980.

Native plant nurseries along the West Coast have turned to pushing milkweed among household gardeners, the Monarch’s favorite plant, to give them more places for refuge on their journey. But the data has generally been stark. Habitat loss and pollution have decimated the monarch population. One of the most well known, if not the most well-known, of butterflies facing sure extinction. In 2020, the count recorded less than 2,000 monarchs.

Then this year’s count was released.

In 2021, the fall tally counted a mind-blowing 247,237 monarchs. 100 times more than seen last year…READ ON

This Is What We’re All Feeling Right Now, According to Mental Health Professionals

Since the start of January, my conversations with friends, family members, colleagues, and even my barista have approximately gone the same way. “How are you?” “You know…” “Yeah…” We look at each other with knowing glances. It’s a tough time. As another surge of COVID-19 cases combines with one of the coldest and longest months of the year, we’re all feeling a little… something. But what is this feeling, exactly?

We’re feeling lost—and in limbo.

In 2021, the New York Times identified the emotion of the year as languishing. We weren’t necessarily depressed or hopeless, but feeling a sense of blah, or emptiness. Yet, with the start of 2022, a new feeling seemed to arrive—one that’s perhaps past the point of languishing. We found it tough to put into words, so we asked the experts to get their insights on how we’re (collectively) doing right now—and tips on how to healthily address everything we’re feeling…READ ON

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