Will Winter Wildfires Be a New Normal in Northern California?

What makes a resilient charity?

G&L convened a panel of experts to answer this question, including some entrants to this year’s Charity Awards, and Ian Allsop listened in.

In her recent speech at the Charity Commission’s annual public meeting, chief executive Helen Stephenson used the word resilience twice. She praised the resilience of the sector, particularly in the context of the pandemic, and she talked about the attributes of charities that will be required in the immediate and longer-term future – not only in terms of post-pandemic recovery but when faced with major challenges such as climate change, post-Brexit developments, and economic uncertainty. It will be crucial to identify the hallmarks of a resilient charity in order to meet these challenges…READ ON

Will Winter Wildfires Be a New Normal in Northern California?

2,274 miles away from my small San Francisco domicile, images of an orange gush emanating from behind Brixton Bridge, which sits just north of Big Sur, began torching my Twitter feed Saturday morning. As did updates from Cal Fire. And also retweets from various local news sources.

Wildfires won’t be seasonal disasters in the near future for Northern California. They’ll be year-long threats to cities and towns and parks and biodiversity.
Photo: Getty Images/GMA

Wildfires, themselves, are a subject of painful familiarity now; I’ve spent the last two-something years reporting on news cycles that still oscillate between a global health crisis and historic blazes ravaging the state. Or both, in tandem. Often both, all at once. An orchestra of swan songs…READ ON

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