18 ½ Ways To Boost Your Mental Strength

5 Ways Post-Traumatic Growth Helps You Recover With Resilience

If you’ve ever experienced trauma, you’ll find being called resilient a little bit off putting or insensitive. It seems to suggest your willpower and ability as an overcomer is why you survived dismissing the struggle it took to get there. It’s a pat on the back after climbing yourself out of a giant hole. It’s telling you “good job” when you would give anything to not have fallen in to begin with. People may tell you, “You’ve found your voice” when you’re finally on the other side of it. However, it is not about how long or how hard you hold on.

Sometimes you have no choice but to be strong. You may feel like giving up even though you are able to carry your burdens on your back without tripping. You may feel like giving up even though you are still standing. And you may feel like giving up even though you’ve carried it all without falter. True resilience isn’t the lack of wanting to give up. It’s knowing that what is happening isn’t final, the end of you. You’re still here…READ ON

18 ½ Ways To Boost Your Mental Strength

We’re fans of the big things you can do to boost your mental health—therapy, deep breathing, delegating calling the cable company to someone else. But there are plenty of little moves that can help improve your mental health as well.

‘Listening to the voices of people from other backgrounds provides [you] with an important opportunity to better understand their experience.’

Babita Spinelli.

Any of these 18 (and ½) little moves could have a big impact on your well-being and help relieve anxiety, keep you connected, release frustration and improve your resilience…READ ON

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