5 Cyber Resilience Lessons We Re-Learned in 2021 (But Will Probably Forget)

CIOs: Rethink resilience for the future of work — or risk losing influence

Organizations have traditionally relied on CIOs as technology experts, but most organizations have reached the point where their IT is already bulletproof and robust. Now, lingering repercussions from the pandemic are pushing CIOs to think and act through a more strategic and human-centric lens to support resilience in their organizations.

Physical location no longer drives organizational culture, and many leaders are still mourning the loss of water cooler synchronicity. Leaders must recognize culture is not about where we are, but how we behave. 
Image credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

The last 18 months have demonstrated that many work assumptions are begging for reinvention. Some enterprise leaders are hesitant to evolve their work model for fear that it will put business outcomes at risk, but returning to old ways is riskier than reinventing work…READ ON

5 Cyber Resilience Lessons We Re-Learned in 2021 (But Will Probably Forget)

With every year come new extraordinary technological innovations. Some of the most innovative, sadly, come from the minds of cyberattackers. And others help IT teams solve some old problems, but create new ones. But year in and year out, good fundamentals never go out of style.

2021 was no different. Here’s a look back at some of the year’s most devastating attacks, outages and cyber resilience failures, and the lessons we ought to learn from them (but probably won’t)…READ ON

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