Meet the tech CEO who survived a flood and built a digital twin of Earth

First Human Skeleton From Bronze Age Tsunami Discovered in Turkey

A massive volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean Sea some 3,600 years ago might just be the worst natural disaster in human history. The event contributed to the decline of Minoan culture on Thera—now the Greek island of Santorini—and also created a huge tsunami that demolished communities all along the sea’s coastline.

The volcanic eruption on Thera and the resulting tsunamis occurred around the same time as the decline of Minoan society, leading some historians and archaeologists to list the disaster as a major contributing factor.

For the first time, archaeologists in Turkey have found an articulated human skeleton in the debris field left behind by the tsunami, reports Maya Margit for the Media Line. The researchers made the discovery and published their findings in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…READ ON

Meet the tech CEO who survived a flood and built a digital twin of Earth

Before building a digital twin of the Earth, One Concern co-founder and CEO Ahmad Wani was a Master’s student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford, specialising in earthquake engineering.

A digital twin of Earth therefore needs big data as well as big processing for it to work, especially with AI in the mix.

On a trip home to Kashmir, Northern India, the CEO came face to face with the very real dangers of our physical Earth: The massive India-Pakistan floods of 2014 which devastated over 2500 villages across the two countries.

“For almost seven days, my family and I were forced to live on our roof as floodwaters destroyed our community,” Wani tells Verdict. “Nearly 85% of the region was underwater, and many people lost their lives and loved ones.

“This inspired me to think more about disaster prevention, advanced warnings, and ultimately climate change, which is the cause of many of these events…READ ON

One thought on “Meet the tech CEO who survived a flood and built a digital twin of Earth

  1. This is incredible! A true and accurate digital twin gives so much potential to creating and maintaining reliable data – Assetspire wholeheartedly believes that so much can be achieved with accurate data, whenever and wherever it’s needed.


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