Experts: Natural Disasters Increase Risk of Domestic Violence, Abuse

How is your company supporting employees’ career resilience?

It’s true: 2021 is finished, while many are still recovering from 2020.

As we are still trying to process a turbulent era while in the midst of it, we have also faced inevitable growth and change in our personal and professional lives. The pandemic has affected how we function in our workplaces, from employees becoming used to an asynchronous schedule to, for some, returning to IRL work once again. Mental health has become paramount as burnout abounds. And through it all, employees may feel stagnant in their careers…READ ON

Experts: Natural Disasters Increase Risk of Domestic Violence, Abuse

Shelters in western Kentucky face ongoing challenges helping domestic-violence survivors as communities continue to clean up from deadly tornadoes.

Research has shown natural disasters are associated with increased emotional, financial and sexual abuse, a spike in police reported assaults, and increased demand for domestic-violence shelters.

Executive Director of Bowling Green’s Barren River Area Safe Space Tori Henninger said lack of phone or internet access, as well as the need for basic shelter can prevent people from seeking help or cause a person to return to their abuser…READ ON

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