2021 Disasters: A Look Back

Passion, Grit, Resilience: The Formula for Success

With anything you start, from a sport to a business, passion is the initial driving force behind the desire and ambition to create a plan of attack, but people can lose that passion without grit and resilience. On the other hand, grit without passion is just the grind, and eventually, the grind wears you down. So, you also need resilience to maintain your passion in the face of struggles or failure. Without all three of these traits, you could easily be tempted to just give up.

“Grit is what it takes to overcome challenges, but resilience keeps you bouncing back from negative outcomes.” 

Daniel Todd, the founder and CEO of Influence Mobile.

In late 2017, my passion was at an all-time low. My company was buried in debt, we had cut a bunch of people, and we were very close to being forced into bankruptcy. When I think back on what kept me going through that difficult time, I realize it was grit and resilience, but it didn’t feel that way in the moment. What drove the passion I needed to keep moving forward was the determination to provide for my family, keep my employees paid and work to ensure the previous years didn’t lead to failure…READ ON

Natural disasters can bring couples closer

2021 Disasters: A Look Back

In 2021, Hurricane Ida left over 1 million people without power, tornadoes tore across the American Midwest, volcanoes forced people to evacuate their homes, wildfires covered the American West and unusual flooding wreaked havoc on Central Europe.

Some characteristics of natural hazards, such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires, have been historically predictable and have informed disaster preparation. However, with human emissions of greenhouse gases increasing Earth’s temperature, we’re seeing changes in those characteristics: wildfire and drought seasons are lengthening, hurricanes and rainfall are becoming more intense, and coastal flooding is increasing.

By sponsoring application science and fostering domestic and international partnerships, the NASA Disasters program seeks to use its Earth observation data to enable disaster-resilient communities in a changing climate…READ ON

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