5 Steps to Greater Resilience Today

Four Steps Resilient Organizations Are Taking As They Look To Grow

After two years of often unprecedented challenges, C-suite executives and corporate directors believe the economy is getting back on track. Companies are investing in new projects and looking to expand their bottom lines.

Businesses that can connect key risks to long-term strategy can better mitigate the resulting financial, reputation and operational effects. But according to Marsh research, one in four companies do not align risk and resilience planning

Despite the reason for renewed optimism, however, the outlook isn’t completely positive. Supply chains are in crisis. Skilled labor is scarce. Ransomware attacks are growing more severe. Investors are demanding social responsibility. And we’re still in the midst of a pandemic that may continue well into 2022…READ ON

A house in Mayfield, Kentucky. (Spectrum News 1/Erin Kelly)
When natural disasters hit, population loss often follows

5 Steps to Greater Resilience Today

Each December brings us colorful decorations, celebrations, nostalgia, and stress as we rush to buy presents, decorate our homes, and celebrate the holidays. This year the tinsel and colored lights are joined by supply chain delays, divisive politics, economic uncertainty, new Covid-19 variants, and recurrent anxiety. What can we do to create a season of peace and goodwill?

Expand your sense of community by practicing what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson (2013) calls “micro-moments of connectivity,”

Here are five steps that can help us build greater hope for the holiday season and throughout the new year. Bringing greater light to our days, these five steps spell “SHINE.”..READ ON

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