Helping Each Other: Building Organizational Resilience In Challenging Times

Moulding a resilient workplace culture in the new hybrid working era

Over the last 18 months many UK businesses have made a significant effort to maintain their workplace culture. this is despite having many, if not all their staff, working remotely. this, of course, has not been an easy endeavour, as pre-pandemic it was common for employers to rely heavily on the office to shape the workplace culture and motivate employees.

however, once offices were shut during the nation’s lockdowns, employers were forced to think more creatively about how to engage and motivate staff as they worked remotely. These ways not only had to be effective but also had to reflect their individuality and values as a business. success was found by thinking outside of the box and those, with organisations embracing new hr wellbeing, L&D initiatives and collaboration tools to meet the needs of their employees and make their remote working experience more pleasant. Recent studies even found productivity levels rose amongst UK workers during lockdown, a result likely shaped by a thriving workplace culture in this period…READ ON

10 billion-dollar disasters of 2021 | Using data collected by NOAA, Stacker listed the top-ten most expensive natural disasters across the U.S. in 2021, totaling over 104.8 billion dollars in damages. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
10 billion-dollar disasters of 2021

Helping Each Other: Building Organizational Resilience In Challenging Times

For the past two years, all of us have risen to meet the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic. Companies responded to government restrictions, prolonged remote work conditions, and physical distancing efforts with dramatic changes to how we operate – all without a playbook to consult. As an HR leader serving a company at the intersection of health care and technology, I’ve seen individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole struggle to adjust to what feels like a constantly changing new normal. Through this, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how a strong company culture translates into increased resilience and a renewed focus on mission…READ ON

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