How to become more resilient, according to the research

Getting Through the Holidays: Find Peace and Build Resilience

Many people will travel to see family this year, while others will host relatives they haven’t seen in a long time because of COVID-19. This can be a very difficult time of year, regardless of whether we see extended family or not. But the added pressures of spending time with family, not all of whom we have close relationships with, can be emotionally exhausting. In some situations, it may even be a toxic environment. This post will help you think about how to be more intentional about your holidays and your interactions with extended family…READ ON

How to become more resilient, according to the research

As the pandemic stretches on, our collective ability to weather adversities and bounce back to emotional stability is likely being challenged. Many of us have suffered significant trauma from illness, hospitalization and death. Many more have experienced job loss, economic uncertainly and financial instability. And everyone has had to cope with an unprecedented uprooting of social and emotional support networks.

Being an optimist is a key trait of those who are resilient

Are we, as human beings, built to withstand such pressures?

Decades of research says the answer is “yes,” said psychiatrist Dr. Dennis Charney, who is the dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and coauthor of “Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges.”

And if we aren’t quite up to it yet, he said, we can learn to be.

Charney and coauthor Dr. Steven Southwick, a professor emeritus of psychiatry, PTSD and resilience at Yale School of Medicine, have spent years analyzing people who have suffered intense trauma, such as rape. Charney also knows about resilience from personal experience…READ ON

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