3 questions to build resilience TED Talk

How would $100bn help the world cope with climate change?

On the islands of Fiji, famous for their beaches and crystal lagoons, rural communities are facing water shortages. Over the past decade or so, the country has seen severe droughts driven by El Niño, a pattern of warm currents in the Pacific Ocean that has far-reaching effects on the world’s weather. Climate change is making this weather phenomenon more intense, and Fiji’s rural communities are among those paying the price.

In Fiji, extreme weather has damaged property and led to droughts (Credit: Getty Images)
The nations that have added the most CO2 to the atmosphere are not the ones where its impacts are most felt.

But even as climate change makes extreme weather such as droughts more frequent and severe, there are ways that Fiji can ensure life is still possible. In one project, 20 communities and 10 schools are having their water systems rehabilitated to adapt to these droughts…READ ON

3 questions to build resilience TED Talk

Every moment of movement is a chance to become more aware of yourself and the world around you, says Zen Buddhist nun Sister True Dedication. Guiding us through the art of “mindful walking,” she shares three essential questions to ask yourself to awaken your strength, build resilience and discover your inner peace…WATCH VIDEO

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