Studies show employee resilience linked to higher productivity

The dynamic role of career resilience for shaping the post-pandemic world

In the post pandemic time, where many teams are working remotely, decisions are majorly driven by data and technology, jobs are at stake. The pandemic is prompting professionals in the country to rethink their career paths with many looking at switching industries as well as upskilling themselves to advance in their careers.

The dynamic role of career resilience for shaping the post-pandemic world
Career resilience is the best option to thrive in a competitive environment.

The COVID-19 has presented the world with one of the most perplexing challenges in recent times. With employees slowly returning to work, the world needs a new playbook as the current and virtual worlds collide and reshape both work and home. We need to examine the post-COVID-19 future of work through the prism of building a resilient and healthy workforce centred on employee wellness and workforce development…READ ON

Studies show employee resilience linked to higher productivity

In today’s workplace, the high-demand, fast-paced work culture that places tight deadlines, managing work relationships and staying connected puts enormous pressure on employees. It is a pace that can lead to costly consequences on workers’ mental health, but it can also have a significant impact on the growth of a business.

“Not only that, many employees feel like taking some time off will allow them to build back their resilience, but this is not necessarily the solution.”

Resilience is the ability to use positive mental skills to remain psychologically steady and focused when facing challenges or adversity. Improving it contributes substantially to how workers deal with stress and perform at work. When stress is high, resilience is needed.

Even if an employee has never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, feelings of stress, panic, or being overwhelmed at work are familiar experiences to all of us. These are universal emotions – triggered particularly in high-stress environments and demanding roles – and they can interfere with the quality of work and efficiency…READ ON

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