How to stop stress from floods affecting unborn babies and their mums

The 8 Pillars Of Next-Level Resilience

As we all deal with relentless adversity, discover nine evidence-based methods—science-driven yet wisdom-wired—for generating the liquid ‘bounce-backness’ you need to flourish in our intense times.

There is a ‘perfect storm’ of crises brewing that will test our individual and collective resilience for years to come. Covid-19 is just the amuse bouche. As we live through the most challenging health crisis, socio-political crisis, and economic crisis in recent history, we must all invest real time, energy, and attention to building our own resilience. Otherwise we as individuals, and as a species, simply won’t flourish. Nobody can build resilience for us. But resilience is everyone’s birthright…READ ON

Earth's Black Box will be constructed on a granite plain in Tasmania, Australia, with the site chosen for its geopolitical and geological stability
“Earth’s Black Box” to chronicle humanity’s descent into climate chaos

How to stop stress from floods affecting unborn babies and their mums

Natural disasters such as floods can have a tangible effect on unborn babies, a leading researcher says, but there are some simple measures that can help mitigate the impact.

Katrina Moss is an expert in prenatal health based at the University of Queensland and did her PhD working on the Queensland Flood Study, which investigated the effect that the 2011 Queensland floods had on expectant mothers caught up in them…READ ON

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