The Most Costly Natural Disasters of All Time

California will name and categorise heatwaves – should Australia follow suit?

California has become the latest jurisdictions to set up a system that would categorise and name heatwaves like cyclones or hurricanes, raising questions about whether Australia should adopt a similar system to reduce heat-related deaths.

Following the recent example of Greece and the city of Seville in Spain, authorities in California will introduce a bill in January to develop the ranking system.

The proposed system works by naming heatwaves and categorising them similar to cyclones, but instead of being coded by temperature they will be ranked according to their risk to human health – and specifically, the risk of death.

For example, a category 1 heatwave might occur when the daily mortality rate was expected to climb by 10% on a normal day, with category 2 and 3 heatwaves rising further…READ ON

How to Create More Resilient Hotels
Hotels have been plagued with low occupancy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating more flexible spaces that can serve multiple uses is one way to make hotels more resilient.
Photo by Kelly L at Pexels.

The Most Costly Natural Disasters of All Time

Natural disasters spare no country. Whether it’s flooding due to torrential downpours from a hurricane or cyclone or a lack of rain that parches the earth, every continent endures a weather-related catastrophe, leaving behind a wake of death and destruction. A humanitarian crisis inevitably follows these disasters, with countries taking months and years to recover.

More than 80% of deaths centered in low- and lower-middle-income countries. Conversely, nearly 90% of the economic losses came in upper-middle- and high-income economies.

Each region often suffers the same type of natural disaster. Hurricanes have pounded the Gulf States of the U.S. for centuries, just as cyclones have struck South Pacific islands like the Philippines. Here are the states with the most tornadoes…READ ON

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