Effective 5 Ways to Build Resilient Teams

The Dark Side of Resilience

Nearly everything has a potential risk or shadow side. Even the hazards of predominantly beneficial things like yoga or having a positive attitude (so-called toxic positivity) have made headlines. Knowing the potential dangers can help us view things more wholly – containing both shadow and light.

“Resilience can convey self-judgment that you should be “stronger” than you are.”

Like Disney’s latest film Encanto so beautifully illustrates, any gift can help but then at some point harm us. I would like to low-light a few drawbacks or risks of resilience when applied in unhealthy ways…READ ON

Effective 5 Ways to Build Resilient Teams

In the context of psychology, resilience refers to the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, or other sources of significant stress. Being resilient has benefits for both organizations and individuals.

Effective 5 Ways to Build Resilient Teams-01
Often resilience is misunderstood as the ability to bounce back instantly from difficulties or to roll with any manner of punches.

CIOs are well informed about their team members’ capacity to adjust positively to workplace pressures and changes. However, building a resilient team is not an easy task always.

Resilience is a set of learnable skills and approaches rather than a fixed characteristic. IT leaders can help to build and hone resilience among their people. Fostering resilience in teams is a matter of helping team members develops skills and mindset that support a hopeful, solution-oriented response to obstacles, challenges, and unanticipated change…READ ON

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