In Less Than Six Months British Columbia Has Both Burned And Flooded

China’s sponge cities are a ‘revolutionary rethink’ to prevent flooding

The survival and development of human society depends on water. In fact, global water demand increased nearly eightfold between 1900–2010 as a result of factors like population growth, economic development and a shift in diet.

Sanya Mangrove Park, China
A sponge city is a nature-based solution to keep floods at bay.

But in China, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the vital resource is running out. The country’s 1.4 billion population needs water to thrive but it has become limited and unevenly distributed.

After decades of urbanisation and pollution, the country is now faced with both water shortages and flooding – only made worse by the effects of climate change.

And pollution is making water quality worse, meaning much of the water available is unusable. Insufficient management of local resources plays a part too…READ ON

In Less Than Six Months British Columbia Has Both Burned And Flooded

I moved to British Columbia in 1995 from Eastern Canada. Frankly, I was fed up with the cold. “If I’m really desperate, I can drive to the snow,” was the line I’d often use when people asked why I was moving 4400 kilometres west.

Nearly 600 people died in British Columbia due to record-breaking temperatures well into the high 40-degree Celsius mark. Two hundred thirty-one people died on June 29th alone.

It’s 2021, and my adopted home province has suffered two devastating climate change-induced catastrophes in less than six months. I can’t even blame it on the snow.

With COP26 having just concluded, I’m wondering aloud if leaders have done enough. I don’t want to see my province—or other jurisdictions, for that matter—suffer any further due to avoidable inaction. But things are looking very ominous for my future.

Summer kicked off in late June with a heat dome. A heat what? A heat dome is “essentially a mountain of warm air built into a very wavy jet stream.” In sum, it’s heat that gets stuck. It has nowhere to escape. Heat domes outright are not the outcome of climate change, but because the Pacific Northwest has warmed by 4 degrees Fahrenheit since pre-industrial times, the resulting effect can be lethal…READ ON

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