8 Benefits of Gratitude and How to Practice It

Why Sad Songs Make Us Feel Good

It isn’t obvious that we should like sad music. Sadness is usually a feeling we try to avoid. An alien might expect us to find such music depressing and dislikeable.

This shows an old record on a record player
Indeed, when people listen to sad music, only around 25% say they actually feel sad. 

Yet, sad music pulls us in and lifts us up. So, why does hearing sad music feel so good?

Let’s start with biological theories. When we experience real-life loss, or empathise with another’s pain, hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin are released within us. These help us cope with loss and pain. They do so by making us feel calmed, consoled, and supported.

Feeling Adele’s pain, or recalling our own, may cause such chemical changes within us. Clicking on Adele’s song may be like clicking on our own metaphorical morphine drip.

The jury is still out on this theory. One study found no evidence that sad music increases prolactin levels. Yet, other studies have hinted at a role for prolactin and oxytocin in making sad music feel good…READ ON

8 Benefits of Gratitude and How to Practice It

By definition (according to Merriam-Webster), gratitude means “a feeling of appreciation or thanks” and “the state of being grateful.” This state of mind is so beneficial to our lives—it has a deep effect on our mental health, overall well-being, relationships, and more. Who knew?

“…gratitude is intentionally taking notice of things you’re grateful for and not fixating on the negative…”

Sage Grazer, Co-founder of Frame 

Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Noom, says that there is a large body of empirical evidence that points to the importance of gratitude and the impact it has in our lives. He cites one study that found that assigning gratitude to unpleasant memories may help individuals process and bring emotional closure to these events. And he also states that practicing gratitude exercises has been proven to be effective for how people experience and evaluate their own lives…READ ON

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