9 ways to build resilient teams

4 signs you’re experiencing burnout, according to a cognitive scientist

If you have had a long week at work, you might be justifiably exhausted and feeling like you can’t do anything productive. That feeling might be a sign that you need a nap or a relaxing weekend, or it could be a sign of more serious burnout. How would you know?

Burnout can also lead you to have difficulty making decisions at work. 

I’ll talk about some of the key symptoms of burnout, but to begin with, it is a long-term state. It is common for people to have a bad day or even a bad week. You might say, “I’m feeling burned out today,” but if a good night’s sleep, a weekend away, a spa day, or some exercise has you ready to come back to work, you were tired rather than being burned out…READ ON

9 ways to build resilient teams

Resilience, in the context of psychology, refers to ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, or other sources of significant stress. Being resilient has benefits for both individuals and organizations – as has clearly been on display over the last two tumultuous years.

CIO evolve
Understand what resilience is – and is not

CIOs know well how their team members’ capacity to adjust positively to workplace pressures, changes, and setbacks contributes to the IT function’s performance.

Because resilience is a set of learnable skills and approaches rather than a fixed characteristic, there are ways that IT leaders can help to build and hone resilience among their people. “Just as with ourselves, fostering resilience in our teams is a matter of helping them build skills and mindset that support a hopeful, solution-oriented response to obstacles, challenges, and unanticipated change,” says Erika Andersen, leader readiness consultant and author of Change from the Inside Out…READ ON

Kilkenny children’s author promotes resilience through play

A Kilkenny author, who has extensive experience in mindfulness, will launch a children’s book in Khan’s Bookstore on James Street this Saturday.

Joy’s Playground is a book with mindfulness and resilience at it’s heart. The book tells the story of Joy who is having fun in the playground with two animal friends. They are joined by other furry buddies who aren’t having such a great day.

Using her teaching and mindful experience, author Lizzy Shortall’s children’s story illustrates how mindfulness, resilience, gratitude and self-belief can be used to overcome challenges. With moods lifted, the friends are all set to continue their playground adventures…READ ON

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