Part of a “strong and thriving culture”: Prioritising mental health in the workplace

Building resilience: why now is the time to invest in natural hazard risk management

From raging wildfires in Australia at the start of 2020 to the devastating flash flooding across much of Europe in July 2021, recent years have been scattered with natural hazard events that have destroyed property and infrastructure, devastated businesses and taken lives.

Unplanned outages and economic losses from production downtime are major consequences of the disruption caused by extreme weather events.

In the US, Hurricane Ida brought back painful memories to the people of New Orleans, a city which is still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina caused 1800 deaths and US$125 billion of damage back in 2005.

Unfortunately, natural disaster events such as hurricanes, cyclones, storms, floods and wildfires are occurring more often and with greater severity. This can be viewed in terms of economic cost increasing over time…READ ON

Children in Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona  learn to drum.
Phoenix group uses art to build resilience in children affected by trauma

Part of a “strong and thriving culture”: Prioritising mental health in the workplace

As our awareness of mental health evolves, the stoic approach of pushing through without addressing mental health challenges is being phased out.

“The pandemic has taken its toll on Australians. Smiling Mind’s State of Mind 2021 Report reveals four in five Aussies have experienced stress, anxiety or depression in 2021. Meanwhile, 35% are still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic on their mental health.”

Younger people, Smiling Mind’s research has found, are generally much more open to talking about their mental health. They want to find ways to proactively manage it, and there’s a growing expectation that their workplace will offer support and understanding.

Speaking on a recent SmartCompany webinar hosted by MYOB Chief Employee Experience Officer Helen Lea, an expert panel shared how business owners can take the lead in prioritising mental health as we enter this next stage of post-pandemic life…READ ON

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