5 resilience tips for the frazzled

Boosting team resilience

It’s no secret that many long-term care staffers are grappling with feelings of stress and burnout following their pandemic experiences. Burnout affects workers on a personal level, and it can also impact the functioning of teams.

“Staff needs can be met in creative ways.”


Researchers distinguish between “brittle” and “resilient” teams. Brittle teams have drained tangible or emotional resources after a crisis, with lingering problems or discontent and difficulty responding effectively to new challenges. Resilient teams, on the other hand, can adapt quickly to new stressors in a manner that supports team functioning and allows them to maintain viability…READ ON

These are the actions that you must take to have a good financial resilience.

5 resilience tips for the frazzled

For when things feel as though they’re piling up, and you’re struggling to cope, here are some self-compassion tips to help work on your resiliency.

“Lowering our expectations can be challenging when we feel frazzled, and we can ‘keep on, keepin’ on’ rather than being self-compassionate.”

Do you know of anyone who has not felt their level of resiliency tested to some degree lately? Nope? Me neither – and, in my role as a psychotherapist, I have also seen the devastating effects of weakened resilience.

Resiliency is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from a destabilising event, yet I would describe it as ‘bouncing forward’ rather than a return to how things were before. But maintaining overall wellbeing is a crucial part of resiliency – so, grab yourself a notebook and follow these steps…READ ON

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