There’s A Complex Link Between Mental Health And Where You Choose To Live

Forest Bathing: What It Is, And Why You Should Do It At Least Once

Forest bathing: Many people have heard of it but they still have no idea exactly what it is, where it came from, or why people do it. In literal terms, it sounds like one is saving their rubber ducky for a trip to the local woods. However, in metaphorical terms, it’s a way to release tension and take in the calm and serenity of the nature that surrounds a person.

“The idea of forest bathing only came about during the 1980s and was first created in Japan.”

In reality, forest bathing has nothing to do with water or a bathtub. Rather, it’s a means to connect with nature in a way that goes beyond simply hiking. Here’s where the idea of forest bathing came from, how it works, and why…READ ON

There’s A Complex Link Between Mental Health And Where You Choose To Live

New research suggests there’s a link between genetic risk for psychiatric disorders and the likelihood of living in a city.

Previous studies argue that the stress of living in a city, along with exposure to elements like pollution, is a risk factor for mental health conditions like schizophrenia. Cities are typically associated with higher rates of mental health problems — the why, however, is up for debate.

“Seemingly confounding the situation, alongside studies that find urban dwellers are more likely to develop mental health conditions, are other studies that suggest cities can actually benefit mental health.”

In a study published in October in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, researchers find one’s genetic risk for mental health conditions can influence where a person chooses to live. This isn’t to say that environment doesn’t play a role in the development of mental health conditions. Instead, the study team calls for more integrated approaches when it comes to exploring, and addressing, what causes these conditions — therapeutic steps that consider all the factors that result in a diagnosis…READ ON

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