‘Experience Happiness’: 5 Daily Activities for Fostering Employee Mental Wellness

‘Experience Happiness’: 5 Daily Activities for Fostering Employee Mental Wellness

The US’ youth are struggling. Even before the pandemic, more than half reported feeling anxious or depressed; and many are not yet prepared to thoughtfully handle the many emotions they feel each day. And that stress only increases when school is in session, with the additional pressure to succeed academically. In addition to the typical stressors, teens’ lives were further disrupted as they were forced into isolation and learning behind computer screens — also missing out on critical social development and significant adolescent milestones…READ ON

How Stress Can Make You Stronger: A Biohacker’s Top Tip For Mental Resilience

“OK, I officially don’t feel my toes anymore,” said the high school version of me, from the back of the open cargo truck transporting my squad of eight military sharpshooters. It was -30°C (-22°F) outside, we’d already been traveling for two hours, and there was about as much time left to go. Even worse, the wind was howling from all angles, and we could all feel the chill penetrating our bones.

“As individuals, we often default to our comfort zone, which keeps us vulnerable to the unexpected difficulties that are bound to happen.”

Siim Land  – best-selling author, public speaker, and consultant from Estonia.

It was one of the coldest feelings I’ve had to endure in my life—several hours of being completely jackhammered (a condition in which you can’t stop shaking) and thinking I was going to lose my toes…READ ON

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