Psychology: how developing a ‘quiet mind’ can help improve your mental health

Targeting disaster management: New research evidence from Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is prone to climate-related disasters like fires, water shortages, floods and mudslides. It has also seen serious disease outbreaks like Ebola and COVID-19.

“Shiny new systems on paper may sometimes remain divorced from the realities on the ground.”

Lee Miles – Professor of Crisis & Disaster Management, Bournemouth University

On the World Risk Index 2021, Sierra Leone rates 47th among 181 nations, recording high scores for vulnerability, susceptibility and lack of coping capacities.

The situation seems to be worsening. For example, Freetown, the country’s capital, has experienced over 25 major urban fires since February 2021. This included the Susan’s Bay fire disaster that resulted in 7,000 people losing their homes in one night in March 2021. The city has large numbers of informal settlements and slums which are very vulnerable to disasters…READ ON

Psychology: how developing a ‘quiet mind’ can help improve your mental health for autumn

It seems like just as we want to start winding down for the year, life gets very loud and busy on the outside, which leads to emotional clutter, anxiety and a frazzled internal monologue on the inside, too.

Psychology: a woman using quiet mind meditation

How does quiet mind meditation work?

“According to Psychology Today, quiet mind neuromeditation is characterised by ‘a significant reduction of internal self-talk and mental imagery’.”

However, psychologists studying how to tune out overwhelming internal chatter have found a method that can help us boost our resilience and promote internal calm during winter. Enter: quiet mind neuromeditation…READ ON

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