Meet the French astronaut who witnessed climate change from space

Reconciling well-being and resilience for sustainable development

Securing well-being and building resilience in response to shocks are often viewed as key goals of sustainable development. Here, we present an overview of the latest published evidence, as well as the consensus of a diverse group of scientists and practitioners drawn from a structured analytical review and deliberative workshop process. We argue that resilience and well-being are related in complex ways, but in their applications in practice they are often assumed to be synergistic. Although theoretically compatible, evidence we present here shows that they may in fact work against each other. This has important implications for policy…READ ON

Why Couples Tend to Grow Closer During Natural Disasters

Remember 2012, the cinematic end of the world? One story was that of Jackson (played by John Cusack), a California-based writer, separated from Kate (played by Amanda Peet), his former wife with a new boyfriend. The world cracked, everyone raced towards the ark. Between limousines, planes, and earthquakes, Jackson and Kate rekindled their love.

Image Credit: Dreamstime/Hitesh Sonar For The Swaddle

“More people are finding themselves trapped in a situation where they are struggling to cope with what is going on for them as well as what is going on between them.”

Ronen Stilman, psychotherapist

Romance powered by an apocalypse has psychological backing. According to a recent study, natural disasters bring married couples closer — even if for a little while. In other words, going through a stressful event made couples happier. And this interplay also holds lessons about intimacy, relationships, and modern stressors…READ ON

Meet the French astronaut who witnessed climate change from space

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has spoken out about his concerns for the future of the planet as he wraps up his second mission aboard the International Space Station.

“Compared with his previous mission, Pesquet reveals he “had never seen anything like this before.”

From forest fires to hurricanes, Pesquet bore witness to the natural disasters on Earth over the past six months from a very special vantage point.

Compared with his previous mission, Pesquet reveals he “had never seen anything like this before”.

“Definitely, the hurricanes, seen from space, and the forest fires, I had never seen that before, especially on my previous mission,” he says.

“Forest fires of an incredible size, with plumes of smoke, columns of smoke that you can see from space for days and days and days, it was impressive to think of the energy that was released and the damage that was obviously caused, for the people who were unlucky enough to be in the path of these fires.”…READ ON

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