Turn it up: 54% of staff say music helps mental health

Reducing The Stress Of Conflict At Work Using The 3Rs

Stress at work affects most people at one time or another. And interpersonal conflict, whether it’s with a boss or a colleague, accounts for a significant proportion of this stress. According to a recent report for Acas, between 2018-2019, nearly 5 million UK employees suffered stress, anxiety, or depression due to workplace conflict. An estimated 85% of these staff members continued to work and exhibited ‘presenteeism,’ impacting productivity and employee wellbeing. Ahead of next week’s International Stress Awareness Week, there are three areas where leaders can help their staff to reduce the stress of conflict. These are the 3 Rs – reframing, response, and resilience.

“The third ‘R’ is resilience. Without the skills and confidence to manage conflict constructively, staff will avoid dealing with issues.”

Anna Shields

Conflict is commonly seen as negative. Being in conflict with someone at work can feel uncomfortable. Most people don’t relish difficult conversations or confrontation, which is why staff and managers often avoid dealing with issues when they arise. However, there are ways in which organizations can create a culture where conflict is nipped in the bud and dealt with informally and quickly, and where conflict conversations are seen as a normal part of life at work. This culture would welcome diverse perspectives and view constructive dialogue as a path to innovation, creativity, and improved processes…READ ON

Turn it up: 54% of staff say music helps mental health

A new study commissioned by Towergate Liability Insurance surveyed 2,000 workers in a variety of industries such as construction, creative arts, engineering, finance and healthcare, and found that one in two listen to music more often since the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) lockdowns began, believing it to positively impact their office lives. How for-tune-ate.

More than half (56%) of respondents stated that dancing in their seats to music improves their mood and two-thirds said it helps them to focus and get work done quicker. Additionally, 43% believe that music helps reduce boredom, with the benefits impacting more men (44%) than women (42%). Sounds like a win-win for employee wellbeing…READ ON

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