New Documentary Explores How We Can Heal Ourselves From Trauma

Are We Prepared for the Next Big Mediterranean Tsunami?

Nearly a century has passed since Europe’s last major tsunami, a 13m wave caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sicily that was responsible for around 2,000 deaths.

The devastating tsunamis that hit Indonesia and surrounding countries in 2004 and Japan in 2011 were a wakeup call. Since the turn of the century 177 tsunamis have actually been recorded and of these, four occurred within the Mediterranean basin.

Sometimes tsunamis in the Mediterranean can be even more destructive – a large volcanic eruption on the island of Thera (Santorini) around 3500 years ago generated a wave that decimated an entire civilisation, the Minoans, and may have led to the legend of Atlantis…READ ON

New Documentary Explores How We Can Heal Ourselves From Trauma

Filmmaker Luke Renner was living in Haiti with his family at the time of the devastating 2010 earthquake. In the aftermath, he found himself grappling with PTSD. But when he set out to heal from that experience, he uncovered a buried secret – an older, deeper, childhood trauma, which he unknowingly had been hiding deep inside for decades. He also wound up discovering a public health crisis that has been quietly wreaking havoc on humanity.


In the new feature-length documentary What Lies Inside: Healing in the Face of Trauma, Renner – with the help of world-renowned experts, fellow survivors, and creators from around the globe – sets out to bring new understanding to the pervasive and sometimes invisible influence of trauma on our everyday lives. The film will be released with Gravitas Ventures on November 16, and already is available for pre-sale…READ ON

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