This 1846 hurricane would be a nightmare scenario for today’s crowded East Coast

This 1846 hurricane would be a nightmare scenario for today’s crowded East Coast

A scenario that might seem far-fetched — a hurricane evolving into a powerful post-tropical cyclone as it rolls along the East Coast all the way from Florida to Maine — has sprung to life in a new analysis of a real-world storm that struck 175 years ago.

Among other insights, the analysis of the Great Havana Hurricane of 1846 presents what appears to be the earliest evidence of a Category 5 strike on the young United States, as the storm took a worst-case route near Key West and largely demolished the thriving outpost.

If it happened today, the hurricane would not only inflict severe damage on the Florida Keys but also drench and thrash most of the biggest cities now on the Eastern Seaboard. Scholars estimate that it would produce at least $100 billion in damage and would rank among the most costly in U.S. history…READ ON

Weather and climate disasters have cost the U.S. over $100 billion in 2021

Weather and climate disasters in 2021 have killed 538 people in the U.S. and cost over $100 billion, according to a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Why it matters: The first nine months of 2021 saw the largest number of billion-dollar disasters in a calendar year so far, with 2021 on pace for second behind 2020, per the report.

Driving the news: From January through the end of September, the U.S. has experienced 18 weather and climate disasters that each cost more than $1 billion, per the report…READ ON

What goes into a disaster kit and emergency go-bag? Here’s a checklist

hen disasters hit, they can mean days to weeks without power, and sometimes they allow just enough time to grab a bag of supplies and go. Now is the time to prepare, well before the disaster is on your doorstep.

States with the most disasters that caused over US$1 billion dollars in damage, by disaster type.

I study ways to improve disaster communications. Here’s what you need to think about.

Know your area’s disaster risk

While some hazards, like windstorms, happen in every region, certain disasters are more common in specific geographic areas. It’s important to know your risks.

The American Red Cross has a tool for determining common disasters in your area, like hurricanes along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts from June through November, and wildfire season in the West, that seems to last all year now but worsens as winds pick up in late summer and fall. Each hazard requires different preparation steps…READ ON

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