Resilience By The Numbers

When Your Cash Cows are not Fat Cows: Ways to Build Business Resilience in Turbulent Periods

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix, a business may be a cash cow or a dog depending on its performance on the market growth stage and market share. A business represents a cash cow when it has become a market leader with low market growth. Conversely, a business symbolizes a dog when it has a low market share and a low market growth.

Businesses that symbolises dogs can merely sustain themselves and provide limited cash flows. In an everyday context, when a business requires low maintenance and minimal investment capital but yet generates consistent cash flows, it is a cash cow. However, when the boom is absent and the cow is no longer fat, it becomes a dog. In the words of Noel Gallagher, “When you are the cash cow that lays the golden goose egg, people are always going to cheer you on, whatever.”

The problem comes when the cows are not fat again. For every business that delivers goods and services to consumers, it must have faced one disruption or the other in recent times. For many businesses today, the current periods of turbulence in everything from uncertainty to soaring energy and commodity prices and to the exchange rates crisis are more extreme than anyone has known before. Many cash cow businesses have had to struggle for survival with many falling off track and others still battling for stability…READ ON

Resilience By The Numbers (infographic)

New research shows how resilience leaders are strengthening every aspect of their organizations.

The language of leadership is practically unrecognizable compared to when I first entered the workforce. Empathy. Inclusion. Chief people officers. These things didn’t exist in a business context a few short decades ago.

Health and safety was disrupted 59%

Perhaps the most prominent entry in the new lexicon is the word “resilience.” Not that leaders weren’t concerned with business continuity before—they very much were. But resilience is a more holistic approach to keeping the wheels on, one that extends far beyond disaster planning to address environmental, social, cyber, and other disruptions.

A global survey of more than 1,000 C-suite leaders by ServiceNow and ESI ThoughtLab sorted respondents into resilience leaders, intermediates, and beginners based on progress made in key areas. When categorized by industry, financial services led the way in leadership, while the public sector lagged behind…READ ON

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