I am A Neuroscientist: These Are The Habits I Swear By To Ease Everyday Anxiety

Natural disasters may increase your risk of DEMENTIA: Elderly people who lost their homes after the 2011 tsunami in Japan were more likely to experience cognitive decline, study finds

As well as causing death and destruction, a study suggests natural disasters can put people at a greater risk of developing dementia.

Using health and survey data on people living in the areas worst hit by a 2011 tsunami in Japan, experts from Harvard University explored the link between cognitive decline and natural disasters.

The event, which killed 20,000 and saw 100,000 children uprooted from their homes, may also have contributed to cognitive decline in older adults, they found…READ ON

Wildfire bees on the brink_a new study

I’m A Neuroscientist: These Are The Habits I Swear By To Ease Everyday Anxiety

We know some anxiety is essential—evolutionarily, that nervous energy is meant to protect you from potential predators—but in this day and age, anxiety tends to feel less than protective, sometimes even debilitating. What changed? Well, according to neuroscientist and author of Good Anxiety Wendy Suzuki, Ph.D., the problem is that the volume of everyday anxiety has reached sky-high limits, so we’re unable to concentrate on what those feelings are actually trying to say.

That said, to bring back that protective purpose and make your anxiety work for you, Suzuki says you need to learn how to reduce the volume…READ ON

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