4 Ways To Keep Yourself From ‘Catching’ Stress and Anxiety

Four Ways To Build A More Resilient And Future-Proof Business

Looking back on the past year, one word keeps coming to mind: resilience.

We’ve all shown resilience through our ability to continually overcome the challenges and hardships we’ve faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations worldwide have also shown their resilience by adapting how they do business, such as pivoting to virtual customer engagements and digital platforms.

“The goal of business resilience is to help organizations rapidly adapt and respond to all types of risks, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, supply chain disruptions or a global pandemic.” 

The office environment has radically changed, as many employers have undertaken previously unthinkable strategies to move their businesses forward. Through it all, technology has enabled us to be more resilient, providing the tools to support remote or hybrid workplaces and solutions to sustain new business models…READ ON

4 Ways To Keep Yourself From ‘Catching’ Stress and Anxiety

Studies show that worry and anxiety can be contagious — especially for women! But experts say it’s possible to protect yourself from secondhand stress, and spread joy along the way. Here’s how to keep yourself from absorbing other people’s moods, and create stronger bonds at the same time.

When we observe another person’s body language and facial expressions, our brain picks up signals that activate “mirror neurons,” the engines behind empathy

After a grueling week, you’re excited to meet your best friend for dinner. But when you see her, she blurts out, “I just need to vent about work!” Because you’re so empathetic, her stress instantly drains you. Suddenly, your stomach does a somersault and your shoulders feel tight. You were looking forward to catching up with your pal all week, so why do you suddenly feel so anxious…READ ON

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