How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace: 16 Effective Ways

The top five sophisticated ways for leaders to build resilience in their teams

Imagine this. You’ve persuaded 27 people to follow you on a grand adventure. You get blindsided by an unexpected weather event, and you miscalculate your ability to proceed on your journey despite obvious, ominous signs.

As a consequence of your misplaced optimism, you are all stranded with no way to return to civilisation, and absolutely no way to communicate your plight. No-one would have the means and wherewithal to rescue you anyway. With limited supplies, you are doomed.

How will you maintain morale? Actually, how will you prevent the group from lynching you on the spot!

You might know the story of Ernest Shackleton’s failed 1914 Antarctic expedition. It’s one of those humbling tales that gives you perspective when you think you have a leadership challenge…READ ON

How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace: 16 Effective Ways Leaders And Employees Can Thrive

According to the World Health Organization, work-related stress can be caused by poor work organization, poor work design, poor management, unsatisfactory working conditions and lack of support from colleagues and supervisors.

If you’re looking to reorganize your daily office workflow process to prevent employees from having too many tasks on their plates, here are 16 strategies from members of Forbes Human Resources Council to help eliminate burnout among your staff members and teach you to lead by example…READ ON

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