Mindfulness: New age craze or science-backed solution?

Regular exercise may lower risk of developing anxiety by almost 60%

The findings of a study published with Frontiers suggests that those who engage in regular exercise may lower their risk of developing anxiety by almost 60%. Using data on almost 400,000 people spanning more than two decades, the authors from Lund University in Sweden were also able to identify a noticeable difference in exercise performance level and the risk of developing anxiety between males and females.

“Our results suggest that the relation between symptoms of anxiety and exercise behavior may not be linear.”

Martine Svensson, Lund University

A quick online search for ways to improve our mental health will often come up with a myriad of different results. However, one of the most common suggestions put forward as a step to achieving wellness – and preventing future issues – is doing some physical exercise, whether it be a walk or playing a team sport.

Anxiety disorders – which typically develop early in a person’s life – are estimated to affect approximately 10% of the world’s population and has been found to be twice as common in women compared to men…READ ON

Mindfulness: New age craze or science-backed solution?

Research has shown the benefits of mindfulness, but the current mindfulness craze cannot deliver on its overhyped promises.

Unless you’ve recently returned from a hermitage atop the sacred mountain, you’ve probably noticed that mindfulness has become a big deal. As measured by Google searches, interest in the East Asian tradition has risen significantly in the last two decades, and more Americans are practicing either yoga or meditation. CEOs and celebrities plug it as key to their health, success, and happiness, while companies have adopted it to bolster innovation and productivity.

With that groundswell of attention has come a deluge of influencers, self-help gurus, and wellness experts—all hawking their wares and claims in hopes of slicing off a portion of a soon-to-be $9 billion industry. Some of the more breathless promises allege mindfulness can unlock your full potential, make your memory foolproof, make you better than ordinary, and even bend reality to your desires. And if that seems like too much work, you can fast track your way to higher consciousness with some chakra tea or a slathering of mindful mayo on your banh mi sandwich…READ ON

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