Rise Of The Chief Resilience Officer

Rise Of The Chief Resilience Officer

Sometimes, stats don’t tell the whole story. This is not one of those times.

The stat I’m talking about comes from a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study on resilience that reviewed the performance of 1,800 U.S. companies over 25 years. It led to an underappreciated but significant finding: Performance during periods of crisis has almost three times the impact of performance during periods of stability.

In other words, resilience matters.

Businessman on escalator moving towards sky with rainbow

The CRO owes its existence to a few dawning realities—realities that ensure resilience will be even more important in the future than it was in the past.

Here’s another amazing statistic that caught my attention. While crises occurred in only 11 of the 100 quarters studied, relative total shareholder return (TSR) during those periods accounts for 30% of a company’s long-run relative TSR.

During the pandemic, we witnessed some organizations flounder and others excel. Yet in many cases, it was hard to understand what accounted for the disparity. Was it some measure of general resilience? Or was it a matter of being in the right place at the right time, which was at least partially the case for companies like Zoom or Peloton?…READ ON

Why resilient companies need a business sustainability software that supports digital transformation and regulatory compliance

As the world emerges from a global lockdown, supply-chain resilience and business continuity continue to be at the core of every conversation. What companies are realizing is that organizations that had established sustainability practices – especially those backed by business sustainability software – responded faster to challenges and are emerging as more agile companies.

Most companies suffer from reporting fatigue and sustainability teams look at data collection and enrichment as an annual chore that needs to be done ‘for stakeholders’. 

The visibility of their sustainability milestones, shortfalls and rectification plans was critical: the wise investment proactively made paid off in a moment of crisis.

While the ROI for sustainability initiatives can be difficult to project, the financial advantages over the long term have now taken center stage in a very tangible way. Sustainability reporting is key to corporate longevity and success – especially for commodity-intensive companies…READ ON

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