Welcome to your new planet: There’s no such thing as a local disaster

Earthquake-resistant school built from recycled plastic in Indonesia

Three years after the Indonesian island of Lombok was devastated by earthquakes, a team of Australian and Indonesian charity organisations have set up Asia’s first sustainable and earthquake-resistant school on the island.

“The key to the school’s sustainability and resilience to earthquakes is the use of ‘eco-blocks‘, which are made from recycled plastic mixed with wood.”

Infrastructure like businesses, homes and schools were wiped out, and as part of the rebuilding process, a new eco-friendly and earthquake-resistant school, SDN 4 Taman Sari, was constructed in June.

It’s located in Taman Sari village, 10 kilometres north of the provincial capital Mataram…READ ON

Welcome to your new planet: There’s no such thing as a local disaster

While the remnants of Hurricane Ida tore through New York City on Wednesday, my phone lit up as concerned friends asked if I was safe. Thankfully, no floodwater entered my Manhattan apartment building – but I thought seriously about the question.

Last year, I was evacuated not once, but twice from my family home in Southern California due to wildfires. I was living there at the time, so I prepared to say goodbye to the structure I had known for almost 30 years as a trail of flames on the hillside inched ominously in my direction. The sooty air burned my eyes. I could smell the smoke through my three-layer mask.

This is what it’s like now: No matter what part of a coast you’re on or which state you live in, the effects of climate change are inescapable. Phrases like “flood zone” or “fire territory” are becoming somewhat meaningless, since it’s no longer the case that flooding occurs exclusively in coast-heavy states like Florida or that wildfire smoke affects only people in the West…READ ON

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