3 Out of 4 People Believe Earth Is Nearing Irreversible Tipping Points, Poll Shows

Technology can detect disaster before it strikes, which could save data centers from shutting down

In critical facilities, planning for and monitoring natural disasters is now business as usual. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth has experienced an 83% rise in the number of climate and extreme weather events since the 2000s.

Natural disasters and COVID-19 have raised the risk- and- hazard-management stakes for both globally distributed data centers and the teams that manage them 24/7.

Monitoring data from anywhere, communication, and technology are crucial.

But, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, and high-speed networks can reduce the stress on critical facilities teams making hazard and risk management decisions. Technology can provide real-time data feeds that originate on-premise or from a fixed orbit around the globe.

The earlier a critical facility team gains awareness of a looming disaster, the sooner the team can make vital adjustments such as moving operations, data, or people from one center to another. Here’s how promising technologies are transforming hazard and risk management practices for critical facilities around the globe…READ ON

3 Out of 4 People Believe Earth Is Nearing Irreversible Tipping Points, Poll Shows

Some 73 percent of people now believe that Earth’s climate is approaching abrupt and irreversible “tipping points” due to human activity, according to a global opinion poll released Tuesday.

“The world is not sleepwalking towards catastrophe. People know we are taking colossal risks, they want to do more and they want their governments to do more.”

Owen Gaffney

The survey, conducted before the publication of a bombshell UN climate science report last week, showed that more than half (58 percent) of respondents in G20 nations feel very or extremely concerned about the state of the planet.

Scientists are increasingly concerned that some feedback loops in nature – such as irreversible melting of ice-sheets or permafrost – may be close to being triggered as mankind’s mind-boggling carbon emissions show no signs of slowing, despite a pandemic…READ ON

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