How To Deal With Burnout at a Job You Actually Like, According to a Burnout Expert

The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It.

In the 1980s, doctors at an English hospital deliberately tried to infect 15 volunteers with a coronavirus. COVID-19 did not yet exist—what interested those doctors was a coronavirus in the same family called 229E, which causes the common cold. 229E is both ubiquitous and obscure.

“Endemicity as the COVID-19 endgame seems quite clear, but how we get there is less so.”

Sarah Zhang,  The Atlantic

Most of us have had it, probably first as children, but the resulting colds were so mild as to be unremarkable. And indeed, of the 15 adult volunteers who got 229E misted up their nose, only 10 became infected, and of those, only eight actually developed cold symptoms.

We can’t avoid the virus for the rest of our lives but we can minimize its impact.

The following year, the doctors repeated their experiment. They tracked down all but one of the original volunteers and sprayed 229E up their nose again. Six of the previously infected became reinfected, but the second time, none developed symptoms. From this, the doctors surmised that immunity against coronavirus infection wanes quickly and reinfections are common. But subsequent infections are milder—even asymptomatic. Not only have most of us likely been infected with 229E before, but we’ve probably been infected more than once…READ ON

How To Deal With Burnout at a Job You Actually Like, According to a Burnout Expert


How do you deal with burnout at a job you like?


So many people believe that burnout equates to a negative job environment; however, it is possible to feel burned out at a job you like. (PS: Congratulations on finding a position that you love—that’s a big deal!)

When it comes to managing burnout, the late Dr. Maya Angelou summed it up well when she said, “Know better. Do better.” It’s true that each experience with burnout can look different and manifest differently, but understanding how you feel when you experience it is key to knowing when and how to react. By first being in tune with your feelings about a certain situation, you can then decide on the nuanced ways to deal with it…READ ON

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