5 Tips for Better Workplace Health

5 Tips for Better Workplace Health

One of the main goals of workplace managers is to optimize business efficiency and improve their customers’ bottom lines. They schedule building and asset maintenance proactively and optimize space use by balancing the supply and demand for certain rooms.

The workplace design can be a decisive factor for minimizing tenants’ and workers’ fatigue while boosting their productivity. Organizations should now consider workplace design as part of their business strategy and performance.

An equally important goal is to offer the best possible conditions for tenants. These conditions provide comfort and increase the overall health & well-being of residents and workers. This aspect is sometimes overlooked, as business managers prioritize financial benefits and focus on services with the most tangible and immediate returns…READ ON

Haiti quake revives anger over aid response to past disasters

The earthquake that ravaged Haiti on Saturday has revived anger over international aid agencies’ response to a devastating quake there 11 years ago, stirring calls to ensure donations do a better job of reaching the people who need them most.

A woman on a stretcher is pictured with a baby after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti August 15, 2021. REUTERS/Estailove St-Val

Haitians and well-wishers have taken to social media to urge donors to send money directly to Haitian charities or via the government, criticizing what they saw as misuse of funds after the 2010 quake and a major hurricane in 2016.

Despite billions of dollars in aid, Haiti has slipped down global development rankings, violence is widespread and its institutions were already in turmoil when President Jovenel Moise was shot dead last month by what the government says was a group of largely Colombian mercenaries…READ ON

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