Smoke From Wildfires Reaches North Pole for First Time in History

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Climate change is making natural disasters more extreme, from extending the duration of disaster seasons to increasing the intensity of fires, storms and floods. Indeed, the U.S. Geological Survey notes that with increasing global surface temperatures, the intensity of storms will likely increase. The agency also predicts coastal flooding to double in the coming decades.

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Smoke From Wildfires Reaches North Pole for First Time in History

Smoke from wildfires burning in Siberia’s dense boreal forest has reached the North Pole for the first known time in history, NASA satellite images revealed last week.

“The Republic of Sakha, Russia’s largest territory, used to be known as the Kingdom of Permafrost, (now) is turning into the Capital of Wildfires.”

The Siberian Times

Smoke from the fires reaching the North Pole “is continental scale by definition,” University of Maryland atmospheric scientist Santiago Gassó told Reuters.

According to the European Union’s Copernicus satellite monitoring service, wildfires burning in the Siberian republic of Sakha, also known as Yakutia, have already emitted 505 megatons of carbon dioxide. Although the northern part of the region experiences some of the coldest temperatures on Earth, this winter brought record high temperatures.

The summer fires are being fueled by abnormally hot weather and a record 150-year drought, The Moscow Times reported. The United Nations report published Monday highlighted the past six years as the hottest on record worldwide….READ ON

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