We Are Struggling. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It At Work?

Feeling Anxious About The Climate Emergency? Experts Say Small Steps Can Help

There were already plenty of reasons for Mainers to be worried about man-made climate change — a warming Gulf of Maine, crops suffering in droughts, shorter ski seasons — before the United Nations released an alarming new report this week that found humans have a much smaller window of time than previously thought to meaningfully reduce global warming.

Climate activists hold signs during an event to address the urgent need to counter climate change in the US with transformational investments in clean jobs, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Such landmark publications may feed the sense of helplessness and dread that some Mainers are already feeling about the hotter, stormier days ahead. But experts who study the mental and social effects of climate change say that individuals can do some basic things to make a difference and, by doing so, help themselves feel less powerless…READ ON

We Are Struggling. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It At Work?

We are struggling with our mental health. But this isn’t new — halfway through 2020, workers were already nearing a mental health breaking point.  A year later and mental health still hasn’t improved.

“Over half (51%) of UK workers feel they have to put on a brave face for their colleagues.”

Keeping up Appearances: How Pleasanteeism is Eroding Resilience’

A recent research report commissioned by Lime Global Limited found that workers are suffering from deteriorating mental health, which is affecting resilience. But, as if it wasn’t enough that workers are suffering, many are doing so in silence. 

The report ‘Keeping up Appearances: How Pleasanteeism is Eroding Resilience’ argues that the brave face culture is having a negative impact on mental health, personal resilience, and productivity.

Their data found that workers feel like “they have to hide their true selves or conceal their anxieties by putting on a brave face at work.”

That’s not doing anyone any favors, especially considering that a quarter (26%) of people are struggling to cope at work, while just over a third (34%) feel the same way about everyday life…READ ON

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