25 Ancient Civilizations Destroyed by Natural Disasters

Disaster recovery for SMEs: Five key areas to consider

Over the past 18 months, businesses of all sizes have learned to live with disruption. As lockdowns forced offices to close, organisations moved to remote working en masse.

Disaster recovery is often viewed as a purely technical exercise, focused around data backup and restoration.

For some, this was new territory. For others, it was part of an existing business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) plan. Staff working from laptops with data in the cloud is an established way of coping with incidents that can range from power outages to natural disasters.

Disaster recovery plans have long been common for enterprises and large public sector bodies, but they are equally vital to smaller organisations. If a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) supplies enterprises or government, a disaster recovery plan is often mandated.

But many of the principles behind disaster recovery planning apply regardless of the business’s size. And technology, especially cloud-based services, is making disaster recovery more accessible to SMEs…READ ON

Turkey’s wildfires tell a devastating story of neglect and failure.

Image credit: (Yasin Akgul/AFP/Getty Images)

25 Ancient Civilizations Destroyed by Natural Disasters

Every year, cities around the world are devastated by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Although modern technology has given us earthquake-proof buildings, urban flood planning, and radar that can predict the path of dangerous storms, severe damage still occurs as a result of these natural forces. And such extreme events are becoming more frequent and more intense due to climate change. (The U.S. has had its share of catastrophes. Here is the worst natural disaster in every state.)

Ancient civilizations, however advanced they were, often lacked much of the scientific knowledge we have these days about the forces of nature, and many paid the ultimate price for it. 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of 25 of once-thriving centers of human settlement destroyed or emptied by natural disasters…READ ON

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