‘Businesses are sleepwalking into a mental health crisis’: COVID is pushing workers to the brink, new study shows

Resilience tactics for building a positive day, everyday

Successful British businesswoman Lara Morgan explains what makes her tick from the moment she wakes up in the morning, to having a restful night’s sleep at the end of another productive day.

“I always build into my plan what I refer to as ‘grey-time’. This is my buffer. It’s a blocked-out appointment with myself. I slot this into my all too relentless schedule. This is my ‘thinking time’, my all-important review time.” – Lara Morgan

Entrepreneur Lara Morgan knows only too well that the journey to success is challenging. However, she’s quick to point out that a positive mindset is the key to success, both in business and for your own personal wellbeing. Lara explains: “Attitude alone is pivotal to leading a life of positivity: One with exciting experiences, where you meet interesting people and enjoy personal growth. You have to believe that you will always go further and faster with a positive mindset.”

Since selling a majority shareholding in her first business, Pacific Direct for £20m, she has put that experience to good use by investing in British innovations that genuinely improve the lives of others. This includes the lifestyle brand Scentered. Lara says it is vital to remain positive in every aspect of your daily life, from juggling the requirements of parenting, to being a good partner, friend, mentor, coach and sometimes boss…

‘Businesses are sleepwalking into a mental health crisis’: COVID is pushing workers to the brink, new study shows

As the pandemic rages outside, feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, burnout, and stress continue to grow inside an increasing number of workers.

The situation is likely to get worse as the pandemic continues; four in 10 feel less resilient now than they did before the pandemic began.

In the U.K., a quarter of employees feel as if they have hit a psychological breaking point. According to a new study by health insurance company Lime Group, over half of those surveyed feel a pressure to disguise to their colleagues the sinking feeling that accompanies their difficulty in coping with both the stresses of the job and the stresses of the pandemic.

Lime calls the phenomenon “pleasanteeism,” which translates to putting on a brave face and presenting the very best versions of ourselves when returning to the workplace. Apparently, they are not even doing a very good job of fully masking the anxiety. Almost one in five copped to feelings that colleagues knew they were hiding something deeper…

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