Thredbo’s Stuart Diver on how to survive a natural disaster, or a pandemic

Resilience in the face of fire, flood and cyber

What do bushfires and cyber threats have in common? They are both a fact of life; they are both likely to get worse; and we won’t be able to stop either from happening – so we need to be better prepared and to minimise their impact. In short, we need greater resilience.

The issues of resilience against bushfires and cyber threats came together in an Age of Trust podcast with Rear Admiral Lee Goddard CSC, RAN, head of partnership ecosystem, government relations and operations at the Minderoo Foundation and Rob Le Busque, the regional vice-president Asia Pacific at Verizon.

The Minderoo Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that “takes on tough, persistent issues with the potential to drive massive change”. One of those challenges is “to lift Australia to be the global leader in fire and flood resilience by 2025…

Thredbo’s Stuart Diver on how to survive a natural disaster, or a pandemic

The names Stuart Diver and Thredbo will forever be linked. That’s history, and you can’t do much about it.

Twenty-four years after being rescued from a landslide on the mountain, Stuart Diver is Thredbo’s resort operations manager. CREDIT: THREDBO MEDIA

But what takes people by surprise is that 24 years after he emerged as the sole survivor of the landslide that killed 18 people, including his wife Sally, Diver and Thredbo are still bound. He is the resort’s manager, and still calls the place home.

When confronted with tragedy, we have two choices in life, says the 51-year-old former ski instructor turned presenter of new podcast The Elements. “You can put your head in the sand – I could have gone into a room and painted the windows black and just blocked out the rest of the world, or I could have moved to Queensland, which is the same thing.”

Alternatively, you can stay and confront the wreckage – in his case literal – of the life you had known, and try to rebuild something of substance…

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