Practical Tips For Building Resilience As An Entrepreneur

Insights into UK employee resilience revealed in new report

Findings from a new report, launched today, have revealed new insights into UK workplace resilience and wellbeing across age, sector, staff level and gender categories suggesting the groups that could potentially be most at risk of burnout.

Private sector workers report 11% higher scores on workplace wellbeing than those working in third sector/non-profit and 4% higher than those in the public sector. These results suggest that third sector/non-profit workers are more likely to be feeling the effects of challenges, setbacks and adversities than those in other sectors.

The Wraw® Resilience Report examined resilience and well-being data across almost 9,500 employees between July 2018 and January 2021 and showed that female resilience declined on average 68% compared to male resilience after the onset of Covid in March 2020. This could suggest the possible additional pressures amongst many females trying to balance the needs of a family and other domestic responsibilities while working from home during this highly stressful period…

Practical Tips For Building Resilience As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Successful entrepreneurs don’t have the expectation of  ‘finishing’. Instead, they understand that it’s all about overcoming the next obstacle that presents itself. Ed JC Smith, founder and CEO of The Champion Academy, has modeled his life and career on overcoming obstacles and teaching others to do the same.

As a vulnerable 13-year-old, Smith made the fateful decision to end his life by jumping in front of a moving train. Feeling beaten down and hopeless, he walked minutes from his house to the railway station, convinced that life held nothing for him but more despair and failure….

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