Workplace wellness ideas that organizations need to implement

Workplace wellness ideas that organizations need to implement

In today’s times of remote working and lockdowns, improving workplace wellness can seem quite challenging if you are an employer. Introducing wellness initiatives to employees working from home can be ineffective if not done correctly.

Also, lack of access to physical fitness centers and training equipment can make things more difficult for you.

But with the right know-how, you can transform your employees’ health even with the challenges mentioned above. That is why I have listed down six workplace wellness ideas that your organization can implement with ease and benefit greatly…

Workplace Burnout Can Damage Confidence, Relationships for Years

Image Credit:  Hitesh Sonar For The Swaddle/Getty Images

Trust In Resilience: A director’s response to distressed times

The past few months have seen business leaders placing their most tricky bets yet. With the ongoing pandemic and resulting lockdowns of varying degrees, businesses have been challenged in how they plan for their future, conserve cash to stay liquid and prevent disruption to operations. Weighed down by the uncertain global and domestic economic climate, business leaders, in particular directors, need to confront some tough questions, including what they need to do when the business faces inevitable distress…

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