A ‘great conversation starter’ on business resilience

Building resilience

Make Midterm Matter is unique. While the conventional midterm break ideally restores slump with spur, to “make midterm matter” is to recharge our batteries with purpose and optimism. It creates a sense of fulfilment by being part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

For the spring 2021 midterm break, I wanted to honour my family’s incredible support from my home country of Mauritius, which provided me with resilience during these uncertain times.

Their consistent and kind messages established reassurance, hope, calmness and strong familial unity. Hence, I decided to make kindness cards to help build that sense of unity across the St. John’s community, one not-for-profit organization at a time…

Foster Youth, Resilience, and Mental Health Post-Pandemic

Myles Bess from Above the Noise will host a panel of Bay Area youth and their advocates to address the need for mental health resources and solutions to get through the next year. For many teens — especially foster youth and others with limited support systems — the stress of readjusting to a range of social experiences, uncertainty about school and activities, mourning lost milestones, and challenges accessing needed mental healthcare will require immense resilience. Through a range of lived experience and a data-dive into statistics about the mental health toll of the recent extended isolation among young people and effective responses, the panel will highlight tools to become your own best advocate and seek the support you need…

A ‘great conversation starter’ on business resilience

FM Global, a mutual insurance organization with a specialty focus on commercial property risk, is on a quest to prove that the majority of property loss is preventable with good risk management. To that end, the multinational insurer has released the eighth iteration of its Resilience Index – a tool that ranks 130 countries and territories on overall business resilience.

In 2021, the country with the highest overall resilience score of 100 was Denmark. 

The FM Global Resilience Index is a composite measure of three core resilience factors – economic, risk quality, and the supply chain – with each factor being comprised of four core drivers. Within economic risk, for example, the Index looks at gross domestic product (GDP) and political risk; for risk quality, it looks at things like natural hazard exposures and cyber risk; and for supply chain, it considers things like corruption and corporate governance. Scores within the Index are bound on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 representing the lowest resilience and 100 being highest resilience…

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