How to build resilient communities

US surpasses Israel in Bloomberg COVID resilience ranking

The report, released on Monday, has redefined resilience. “The best and worst places to be in the COVID-19 era are increasingly defined by one thing: normalization,” Bloomberg wrote. “Taming cases and deaths were once paramount, along with ensuring a robust health-care system. Now, the ability to essentially turn back the clock and return to pre-pandemic times is taking on an even greater significance.”

Bloomberg changed its metric slightly this month to accommodate the shift in COVID-19 management, as large parts of the Western world, including Israel, vaccinate and open their economies and skies. A new “reopening progress” parameter, which includes the ease of moving in and out of a country and how much air travel has recovered, is now part of the index.

The US took first place, Bloomberg said, because of the extent of its vaccine rollout – around 46% of Americans are now inoculated, according to recent reports – and its resulting ability to open up…

How to build resilient communities

The world’s massive infrastructure investment deficit is a fundamental issue for global development, amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic when cramped, poorly ventilated housing, workplaces, public buildings, and lack of WASH facilities have accelerated the spread of infection.

According to the “Global Infrastructure Outlook,” by 2040, the world will need $94 trillion of infrastructure investments to keep pace with economic and demographic change. Yet this was estimated before the supply chain disruptions and limits on mobility brought on by the pandemic, which subsequently delayed implementation of many large-scale and some community-level infrastructure projects.

A lack of suitable infrastructure leaves the world’s most impoverished and isolated communities more vulnerable to hazards related to climate change, but when designed and executed properly, infrastructure has the power to build critical resilience in communities…

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