29 Little Ways to Calm Anxiety

Jewish Women Share Stories of Crisis, Healing, and Strength

As a young wife, mother, and social worker, Shira Lankin Sheps spent five years suffering from a mysterious and debilitating illness. By nature a driven achiever, she felt a sense of shame over her unaccustomed weakness, and kept her illness quiet, “like a terrible secret.”

I kept this story to myself. I never spoke a word of it. It was too painful. The losses were too great. I am 91 and am telling mine now.

Eventually, she decided to write about her experience, hoping that in sharing her story she could help others. However, editors nixed her articles, written as “anonymous.” If she wanted her message to have impact, she needed to publish under her own name, they told her…

29 Little Ways to Calm Anxiety

After ten weeks, researchers found that those who had written about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives 

Whether you have a history of panic attacks or you consider yourself cool as a cucumber, anxiety happens to everyone. Seriously. And while there are certainly longer-term solutions, sometimes you just need a quick fix for when you’re feeling particularly stressed. Enter these 29 little ways to calm anxiety, from commenting on a friend’s Instagram post to making a cup of green tea…

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